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Share my knowledge in culture and tradition
Welcome to friendinnepal.com
friendinnepal.com is about making friends in Nepal and learning about Nepal and its rich culture from real Nepali people. At the same time you will be sharing your culture and knowledge with us. Through friendinnepal.com I would like to share my culture and learn about other cultures and tradition in the world. I take great pleasure in assisting the travelers coming to Nepal. I would like to suggest all the travelers that while traveling in Nepal, travel in Nepali (travel like locals). This way you will enjoy more! This could be possible when you get to know local people and in return local people get a chance to meet foreigners and learn about foreign cultures.
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ancient holidays
Stroll through ancient cities. Enjoy a visual feast of art and architecture created by master craftsmen and proud kings.
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bungee jumping
ultimate adventures
To experience the pleasure of being alive, aware and adventurous, fly a microlite aircraft or go paragliding. For more, try biking down exhilarating descents.......
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spiritual yatras
Trekking in Nepal is as old as the Gods themselves. Travel on beautiful routes that are centuries old by yourself or with porters, horses or yaks.
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gautam buddha
knowledge breaks
Stay in an old monastery, visit a riverside ashram or spend the night in a rural mountain village. Surround yourself with wild flowers, Himalayan raptors .......
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lakhe dance
divine cities
Kathmandu and Pokhara is where the action is. You can hang there by yourself, with your family or group of friends.
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hotels in nepal
Enjoy your visit to Nepal all the more by staying in one of the finest, five star luxury hotels in Kathmandu.
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shopping in nepal
Shopping can be very rewarding and exciting in Kathmandu. There are numerous tourist shops on the main streets and in the hotel arcades brimming with tempting jewelry, statues, and other typical Nepalese handicraft.
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bird watching in nepal
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